static bool IsNumeric(object Expression)



static bool IsNumeric(object Expression)
    // IsNumeric Function
    static bool IsNumeric(object Expression) {
    // Variable to collect the Return value of the TryParse method.
        bool isNum;

    // Define variable to collect out parameter of the TryParse method. If the conversion fails, the out parameter is zero.
        double retNum;

    // The TryParse method converts a string in a specified style and culture-specific format to its double-precision floating point number equivalent.
    // The TryParse method does not generate an exception if the conversion fails. If the conversion passes, True is returned. If it does not, False is returned.
        isNum = Double.TryParse(Convert.ToString(Expression), System.Globalization.NumberStyles.Any, System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo.InvariantInfo, out retNum );
        return isNum;

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